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The BATV-17 Video Bulletin Board displays announcements on Channel 17 during periods of time when there is no scheduled programming. The bulletin board is available for non-commercial use only.

BATV-17 Video Bulletin Board Announcement Template

Organization_______________________ Contact Person__________________________

Daytime Phone_________________________________

Requested Airing Date: From____________ Through__________ (One Week Only Please)


The character generated messages aired by Batavia Access Television, Inc. are limited to 25 spaces horizontally and 12 lines vertically for a total of 300 characters. Each letter, punctuation mark, and space between words is considered a character. The announcement will be televised exactly as it is created within the grid above. In order to air your announcement in a timely fashion, please allow 10 business days between our receipt of your information and the actual date of your event. Batavia Access Television, Inc. reserves the right to edit announcements and determine which announcements will air. Your announcement will air only in the regions serviced by BATV-17. If you should have any questions about our policies on airing announcements, please contact BATV-17.

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